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Adding Trunk

There are several variants that would make good options for the NM4 but I went with a Hondaline Trunk which actually goes on the 2014 CBR650F ( It's a 35 Liter capacity )


I chose it because:

1. I felt the lines would go along with the MN4's

2. The key blank for the 2014 CBR650F and the NM4 are the same so I wouldn't have to manage multiple keys

One was on ebay ( very pricey ) but I called the internet sales guy at Honda in Russellville Arkansas who had it listed

I ended up getting the trunk, Keyset, and latch bracket, with shipping for $265 (didn't need all the other crap, mount etc ) which is in line or less than the GIVI Tech series which was choice #2. And with Givi I could NOT match key.

Stuff came in and I had to learn real quick how to create a lock. I got a empty cylinder and a bunch of various pins to match up to the key.


Trial and error I finally got it done. (and it would be a lie if I told you every tumble was filled....LOL )

Once assembled I simply bolted the box to the carrier plate and there it is.




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That looks absolutely amazing on there, great job! And thank you so much for the write-up!
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I love that on the nm4, great mod good job!
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Excellent choice on the top case!
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Hopefully you are still on the site. Great price on the Trunk, and install. I already have factory backrest, luggage rack, so obviously I have brackets. How did you install trunk to bracket, what other part needed? If I go Givi, what parts needed? Thanks.
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